Bishnupur District

Population: 240,363 (2011)

State: Manipur

Language: Meiteilon, Aimol

Headquarters: Bishnupur


Area: 496 square kilometers

Density of Population: 485 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 76.35 % - Male: 85.52 %, Female: 67.29 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:1000


Boundaries of Bishnupur District


North: Imphal West District, Manipur

South and South West: Churachandpur District, Manipur

East: Thoubal District and Imphal West District, Manipur

North West: Senapati District, Manipur


Bishnupur District Average Rainfall: 2888.2 mm 

Bishnupur District Average Temperature in Summer: 22.67 deg C 

Bishnupur District Average Temperature in Winter: 13.74 deg C





Major Rivers: River Khuga

Sub Divisions: Bishnupur, Moirang, Nambol

Municipalities: Nambol, Bishnupur, Ningthoukhong, Moirang

Towns: Oinam, Nambol, Ningthoukhong, Bishnupur, Kumbi, Moirang, Kwakta

Assembly Constituencies: Nambol, Oinam, Bishnupur, Moirang, Thanga, Kumbi



Bishnupur District Nearby Attractions


1. Keibul Lamjao National Park

2. Loktak Lake

3. INA Memorial

4. Phuballa Resort

5. Loukoipat Ecological Park

6. Sendra

7. Ebudhou Thangjing Temple


Bishnupur District Facts: Bishnupur was formerly known as Lamangdong. Bishnupur means land of dancing deer. This place became famous during the World War II as the British Major died here of plane crash.         


Major Agricultural Products: Paddy, wheat, sugarcane, tobacco, maize


Major Industries: Sericulture, wood works


Flora: Aibizzia Spp, Artocarpus Hirguta, Salmulia Malaburica, Castanopsis, Mangifera Indioa, Tree Bean, Bamboo, Reeds


Fauna: Wolf, jackal, wild pig, crested porcupine, field mouse, bison, stag, jungle cat, otter, monkeys


Educational Institutions: C.L. College, Kumbi College


What is Bishnupur District Famous For: Keibul Lamjao National Park


People: Meitei, Muslims, Kabui, Naga, Zou, Kom , Vaiphei, Gangte


Famous People From Bishnupur District: Bhaktisvarupa Damodar Swami


Bishnupur District Pin Codes

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