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What is unique about enables viewers to bring all the Indian businesses, including the ones from smaller cities and towns to the rest of the world. Business owners can list their businesses for free and customers can look for a product or service available in any of the cities. also enables the users to upload and view the pictures from all the neighborhoods in the country. offers very unique user friendly searching and browsing options.

Why should I register at

The registration is free and it takes less than 5 min. By registering you can list your own business, or your friend’s and relative’s business, write a review about a listed business, upload any pictures from your city or neighborhood, write a comment about any pictures, rate a picture, share a picture with your friends, add a picture to your favorite list, view and search the names of existing members, write a message to any member, become a fan of another member.  This will also enable you to participate in all the upcoming exciting new features. Click here to register.

I have already registered in your site but my name is not showing up in the members list, why?

This is because you may not have activated the link that we sent to you by email. For the first time you need to activate your account by clicking the link that was sent to your email. This is to avoid spam and to verify that you have entered the correct email address.

Business Listing

I’m a business owner and how do I add my business in

You can list your business for free. What all you need to do is to register as a member and fill the form by clicking ‘list a business’. Click here to register.

Do I have to pay for listing my company in Veethi Yellow Pages?

No, it is absolutely free. However, as an option, by paying a nominal fee you can upgrade your ‘Free Listing’ to ‘Premium Listing’.

Why do I need a Premium Listing for my business?

We have hundreds of thousands of businesses listed in our site and this number is growing every day as we keep adding new businesses. Customers may not be able to find your business easily unless they are specifically looking for your business name. By adding your business as ‘Premium Listing’ you can show your business on top of the ‘Free Listing’ companies. For more details about our Premium Listing send us an email to

My town is not listed, how do I add my business?

When you fill the business listing form there is an option to include any nearby town or village. Select the city that is closer to your town and write the name of your town or village in the box provided.

City Images

I have a collection of pictures from my city/town/village. How do I publish at

Please register as a member, it is free. Then click the Upload Images tab and follow the instructions. Click here to register.

Can I upload images obtained from the web?

As a member you can chose to obtain any picture from your camera or web. However, we will not publish any pictures that are protected by copyrights. Too small pictures will not be published.

Can I upload my family album?

No! is not a photo storage site. Our goal is to bring the physical and cultural aspect of every nook and corner of India to the entire world. This may represent arts, culture, land, nature, infrastructure, streets, commercial buildings, government institutions, parks and places of worship.

Veethi Reward Points

The program is closed in Feb 2013 and no longer available

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