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Veethi.com is the flagship portal of Galaxy Infomedia LLC.  Veethi was designed and developed by a very talented team of people with a passion for internet and information to serve those who look for the most updated information about India. One of our goals is to build a comprehensive business database for all the cities and towns of India in the shortest time possible and bring that to our customers in a very user-friendly manner. We provide the opportunity for the customers to list businesses for free and write reviews about the businesses listed here. That is not all. We realize that bringing the local information with visual images will be enjoyable and entertaining particularly for those who have never visited these places. The result- we continue to gather and bring the most relevant pictures from these cities. We hope that Veethi will bring the lifestyle of the people, their culture and India’s local infrastructure to the rest of the world. Thus we nicknamed Veethi as the ‘Face of India’. We continue to work hard to update all the information that we provide to make our site, Veethi.com, the most accurate local information provider. Particular importance is given to 2nd and 3rd tier cities which are usually neglected by other web sites. We take this opportunity to request your feedback and suggestions to improve the quality and accuracy of the information we provide. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please write to us at feedback@veethi.com.

We continue to add additional useful local information from India. Happy browsing now and stay tuned for very exciting new features!

Date Updated: 26 March 2016

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