Senapati District

Population: 354,972 (2011)

State: Manipur

Language: Meiteilon, Aimol

Headquarters: Senapati


Date of Formation: 14th November 1969

Area: 3271 square kilometers

Density of population: 109 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 75.00 % - Male: 80.85 %, Female: 68.80 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:939


Boundaries of Senapati District


North: Phek District, Nagaland

South: Imphal East District and Imphal West District, Manipur

East: Ukhrul District, Manipur

West: Tamenglong District, Manipur


Senapati District Average Rainfall: 2316.6 mm 

Senapati District Average Temperature in Summer: 23.80 deg C 

Senapati District Average Temperature in Winter: 14.28 deg C





Major Rivers: Barak, Iril, Ithoi, Irang, Imphal, Lane

Sub Divisions: Tadubi, Paomata, Purul, Kangpokpi, Saikul, Gorkha Tapon

Development Blocks: Tadubi, Paomata, Saikul, Kangpokpi

Circles: Island, Kangchup, Willong, Phaibung

Assembly Constituencies: Tadubi, Mao, Karong, Kangpokpi, Saikul, Saitu


Senapati District Nearby Attractions


1. Senapati

2. Maram Khullen

3. Yangkhullen

4. Mao

5. Liyai

6. Makhel

7. Dzuko Valley

8. Purul


Senapati District Facts: This district was formerly known as Manipur North District and had its headquarters at Karong. On 13th December 1976, Senapati was made its headquarters and the district was renamed Senapati District on 15th July 1983.      


Major Agricultural Products: Paddy, maize, cabbage, potato, cereals


Major Industrial Products: Bed sheets, phaneks, mosquito nets, bamboo baskets, fishing nets, furniture, carpentry works, pottery, mats


Educational Institutions: Damdei Chrostian College, Hill College, Kangpok Mission College


Festivals: Thounii, Laonii, Chiithuni, Saleni, Ponghi, Kanghi


What is Senapati District Famous For: Naked Wrestling Festival


Senapati District Pin Codes

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