Sonbhadra District

Population: 1,862,612 (2011)

State: Uttar Pradesh

Language: Hindi, Urdu

Headquarters: Robertsganj


Area: 6806 square kilometers

Density of population: 274 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 66.18 % - Male: 77.19 %, Female: 54.11 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:913


Boundaries of Sonbhadra District


North: Chandoli District, Uttar Pradesh

North West: Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh

North East: Kaimur District and Rohtas District, Bihar

South: Koriya District and Surguja District, Chhattisgarh

East: Garhwa District, Jharkhand

West: Singrauli District, Madhya Pradesh


Sonbhadra District Average Rainfall: 851.5 mm 

Sonbhadra District Average Temperature in Summer: 32.68 deg C 

Sonbhadra District Average Temperature in Winter: 16.11 deg C





Major Rivers: river Sone, River Rihand

Tehsils: Dudhi, Ghorawal, Robertsganj

Blocks: Babhani, Chatra, Chopan, Dudhi, Ghorawal, Myorpur, Nagwa, Robertsganj

Assembly Constituencies: Ghorawal, Robertsganj, Obra, Duddhi


Sonbhadra District Nearby Attractions


1. Vijaygarh Fort

2. Aghorigarh Fort

3. Geeta Temple

4. Mukha Water Fall

5. Rihand Dam

6. Sarnath

7. Vindhyanchal

8. Sodharigarh Durg

9. Chunar Fort

10. Vindham Fort

11. Shivdwar Temple

12. Kundeshwar Mahadev Temple


Sonbhadra District Facts: This is one of the 34 most backward districts in Uttar Pradesh that is receiving funds from Backward Regions Grant Fund Program. This is also called Energy Capital of India due to the number of thermal power stations located here. This is the only district in India having four states as its borders. This district belongs to Mirzapur Division.            


Major Agricultural Products: Rice, wheat, rapeseed, mustard, potato, pea, garlic, onion


Major Educational Institutions: Babu Ram Singh Mahavidyalaya, Government Post Graduate College, Sant Keenaram Post Graduate College


Major Industries: Churk Cement Factory, Kanoria Chemicals, Renusagar Power, Dala Cement Factory, Chunar Cement Factory, Rihand Thermal Power Plant, Hi-Tech Carbon, Rihand Thermal Power Plant


What is Sonbhadra District Famous For: Fossil Park at Salkhan


Famous People From Sonbhadra District: Narendra Kumar Kushwaha, Virendra Singh


Sonbhadra District Pin Codes

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