Thanjavur District

Population: 2402781 (2011)

State: Tamil Nadu

Language: Tamil

Headquarters: Thanjavur


Area: 3476 square kilometers

Density of population: 691 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 82.72% - Male: 89.06, Female: 76.61%

Male Female Ratio: 1000:1031


Boundaries of Thanjavur District


North: River Kollidam, Tiruchirappalli District and Perambalur District, Tamil Nadu

North East: Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu

South: Palk Strait of Bay of Bengal

West: Pudukkottai District


Thanjavur District Average Rainfall: 1045.5 mm

Thanjavur District Maximum Temperature in Summer: 40 deg C

Thanjavur District Minimum Temperature in Winter: 20 deg C





Major Rivers: Cauvery River and its tributeries

Sub Districts: Kumbakonam, Orathanadu, Papanasam, Pattukkottai, Peravurani, Thanjavur, Thiruvaiyaru, Thiruvidaimarudur

Assembly Constituencies: Kumbakonam, Orathanad, Papanasam, Pattukkottai, Peravurani, Thanjavur, Thiruvaiyaru, Thiruvidamarudur, Thiruvonam, Valangiman, Tiruvaiyaru


Thanjavur District Nearby Attractions


1. Palace

2. The Art Gallery

3. Sangeetha Mahal

4. Sivaganga Park and Tank

5. Saraswathy Mahal Library

6. Grand Anaicut – 48 km from Thanjavur

7. Panchanatheeswarar Temple

8. Darasuram


Thanjavur District Facts: Airavateswara Temple near Kumbakonam is UNESCO World Heritage Site. The district is the largest producer of coconut in Tamil Nadu. This is also called the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu.  


Major Agricultural Products: Paddy, sugarcane, coconut


Major Industries: Thiru Arroran Sugars and Distellery, Arignar Anna Sugars


What is Thanjavur District Famous For: Thanjavur Doll, Thanjavur paintings


Famous People From Thanjavur District: Politician Ko. Si. Mani, Tamil Scholar U. V. Swaminatha Iyer, Actress T. R. Rajakumari, Politician S. Muthiah Mudaliar, Politician G. K. Moopanar, Former President of India R. Venkataraman, Film Director Shankar


Thanjavur Pin Codes

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Places in Thanjavur District