Dharmapuri District

Population: 1502900 (2011)

State: Tamil Nadu

Language: Tamil

Headquarters: Dharmapuri


Date of formation: 2nd October 1965

Area: 4532 square kilometers

Density of population: 332 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 64.71% - Male: 69.16%, Female: 60.03% (2011)


Boundaries of Dharmapuri District


North: Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu

South: Salem District, Tamil Nadu

East: Tiruvannamalai and Viluppuram Districts, Tamil Nadu

West: Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka


Dharmapuri District Average Rainfall: 895.56 mm

Dharmapuri District Highest Temperature in Summer: 38 deg C

Dharmapuri District Lowest Temperature in Winter: 11 deg C





Major Rivers: Cauvery, Thenpennar, Vaniar, Markandanathi

Taluks: Dharmapuri, Palacode, Pennagaram, Harur, Pappireddipatti

Town Panchayats: Marandahalli, Bommidi, Palacode, Pennagaram, Karimanagalam, Kambainallur, Harur, Papparapatti, Kadathur, Pappireddipatti


Dharmapuri District Nearby Attractions


1. Hogenakal Falls

2. Shri Theerthagirishwarar Temple at Theerthamalai

3. Chenraya Perumal Temple at Adhiyamankottam

4. Subramanya Siva Memorial at Papparapatti

5. Adhiyamankottain

6. Subramanya Siva Memorial at Pauparapatti

7. Sir Thomas Munro Pillar at Dharmapuri


Major Dharmapuri District Facts: The historical name of Dharmapuri is Thakadoor. Dharmapuri was a part of Salem District once and then it was made into a separate entity on 2nd October 1965 with Dharmapuri as its headquarters and then again 0n 9th February 2004 the district was bifurcated into Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri


Major Agricultural Products: Paddy, millets, pulses, sugarcane, chilli, fruits. There are many fisheries here and the fish varieties like katla, rogu, mirgal and common are available.


Major Industries: Textile, floriculture, horticulture, mineral based and chemical based industries, electronic products


What is Dharmapuri District Famous For: Huge reserves of granite and quartz


Famous People From Dharmapuri District: Freedom fighter Subramanya Siva


Dharmapuri Pin Codes

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