T. S. Pattabhiraman

T. S. Pattabhiraman

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  • Name:
  • T. S. Pattabhiraman
  • Father:
  • Seetharamaiyer
  • Spouse:
  • Meera

T. S. Pattabhiraman Biography

T. S. Pattabhiraman is a businessman and entrepreneur from Thrisur, Kerala who currently serves as the Chairman and Managing Director of Kalyan Silks which now owns 21 showrooms across south India. Kalyan Silks is owned by Kalyan Group, Thrissur, started by his grandfather T S Kalyanrama Iyer long back in 1909. He was a priest from Kumbakonam who came to Kerala to set up a textile business in Kerala. Pattabhiraman’s brother T. S. Kalyanaraman is also an entrepreneur and the Chairman & Managing Director of Kalyan Jewellers and Kalyan Developers. At present Kalyan Jewellers is the largest jewellery chain in India with a turnover of Rs 8,500 crore per year with branches 80+.


The group was started in 1909 by Kalyanaraman’s grandfather T S Kalyanrama Iyer, a priest from Kumbakonam who turned into an entrepreneur. Later the business was taken over by his son Seetharamaiyer. He partitioned the businesses to five sons in 1991 and Pattabhiraman took over the textile empire which owns 21 showrooms across south India. The first showroom was opened in Thrissur in 1992. Currently it owns India’s largest wholesale textile showroom situated at Thrissur. The company with 4,000 employees and turnover of about Rs 1100 crore per annum, spends around Rs 25 crore for advertising and marketing every year, as per media reports. Yet he still maintains the first showroom of Thrissur town where his grandfather started textile shop – the place where he spent his childhood and learnt business.


Like his brothers, T. S. Pattabhiraman joined his father’s textile business at a very young age to learn the essence of business. He is married to Meera and the couple has two sons – Prakash and Mahesh, both associated with Kalyan silks. Like many businessmen he believes in a vision and sincerity to work hard to achieve success. He believed in the principle of ‘Slow and Steady’ rather than dreaming about a big success in a short period. He started business with 6 employees and Kalyan Silks now employs over 4000 employees.

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Updated: January 04, 2016

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