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What to Do in Kumarakom


9 Things To Do In Kumarakom


1. The first and foremost thing to do in Kumarakom is to hire a houseboat for the true experience of backwaters. They are comparatively expensive but worth the money paid.


2. Enjoy the true exotic Kerala cuisine that has puffy white rice, sambar, rasam, fish curry, karimeen, spicy pickles and tapioca.


3. Try Kerala tea that is simply beyond words and this is an ideal choice after a sumptuous breakfast of Kerala cuisine that has appam, idiyappam and coconut milk.


4. Sip cool tender coconut and enjoy the scoop of its soft white flesh. You will love it.


5. If you are not new to alcoholic beverages you can try fresh madhura kallu, the sweet toddy extracted from the coconut tree. There are toddy shops all over the town and you can also visit one of the villages nearby to see how it is extracted.


6. Bird watching is one of the things to do in Kottayam that nature lovers would like. There is a bird sanctuary here where many migratory birds are seen from the months of November to March.


7. Enjoy your time in the exotic and spectacular sandy beaches. This will relax your mind and body.


8. If you are good at swimming then you may swim at the Vembanad Lake. If you want to try then carry swim suits with you.


9. Enjoy the water sports like water skiing, wind surfing and canoeing. Traveling in the traditional canoes will give you unique experience.

Last Updated: 22/07/2012

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