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Climate in Kumarakom


Climate in Kumarakom

Kumarakom has a tropical climate. Due to its proximity to ocean, the climate is moderate and the minimum temperature is 16 degree Celsius and the maximum temperature is 38 degree Celsius. There are three distinct seasons in Kumarakom namely summer, monsoon and winter.


Kumarakom Seasons







Feb to May

24 deg C to 33 deg C

Warm and sunny days and cool nights with clear blue sky


Jun to Sep

22 deg C to 33 deg C

Climate remains cloudy with intermittent rain shower


Oct to Jan

22 deg C to 32 deg C

Pleasant climate making it ideal for tourist activities


Best Time To Visit Kumarakom – November to March



Kumarakom Climate in Summer Season


The summer season in Kumarakom lasts from February to May and the maximum climate at this time is 33 degree Celsius. Occasionally the climate reaches 40 degree Celsius and it also dips as much as 23 degree Celsius. Kumarakom is closer to Vembanad Lake and so the cool breeze from the lake makes the climate agreeable. The backwaters and lagoons helps to beat the heat of summer.



Kumarakom Climate in Winter Season


The winter season in Kumarakom starts in Ocotber and lasts till January. January is the coolest month of the year with an average daily minimum temperature of 18 degree Celsius and average daily maximum temperature of 30 degree Celsius. The balmy days and the cool starry nights makes it an ideal place for tourists.


Kumarakom Climate in Monsoon Season


The monsoon season starts in June and ends in September. The southwest monsoon brings rainfall to this place and the amount of rainfall is moderate. Thought the monsoon season ends in September, there might slight drizzles in November. The average annual rainfall in Kumarakom is 1100 mm.


Last Updated: 22/07/2012

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