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Local Transportation in Indore

Local Transportation in Indore

The means of local transport in Indore are buses, minibuses, tempos, auto-rickshaws, cabs and city van.


Transportation in Indore by Bus


The Indore City Bus service is launched and maintained by the municipal corporation of Indore. This covers all the major places in the city and neighboring areas. The variable level seats in the buses ensure quality journey. The front seats are reserved for women. The arrival and departure timings of the buses are displayed in the bus stops on the digital display. The comfortable bus travels has made many people opt for that. The mini buses are known as Nagar Sevas and they are used for short distance travels.


Transportation in Indore by City Van


The Indore City Van service was launched by the Indore Municipal Corporation and the Maruti Omni seven seater van is used for the purpose. These vans run on LPG and so it helps to reduce the pollution in the city. Therefore the government is trying to replace the tempos and autos with these vans. Tempos are one of the cheapest means of transportation in Indore. However they are always overcrowded.


Transportation in Indore by Auto Rickshaws


Auto rickshaws are quite popular among people because they could be hired at any place and can reach the places that are not covered by bus services or tempos. They are expensive when compared with buses and tempos but are comfortable to travel.


Transportation in Indore by Cars


There are many car rentals in Indore and they charge passengers based on kilometers or on fixed rate basis. Luxury cars with air-condition facilities charge more. You can call the cab companies book them in advance. 

Last Updated: 22/08/2012

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