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Climate in Indore


Climate in Indore

Indore climate is of humid subtropical type and it has three seasons summer, monsoon and winter. The highest average temperature is 40.4 degree Celsius and the lowest average temperature is 9.2 degree Celsius.


Indore Seasons







Mar to Jun

16.2 deg C to 40.4 deg C

Though summers are hot, the cool evening breeze makes the climate moderate


Jul to Oct

18.1 deg C to 32.4 deg C

Moderate rainfall with pleasing weather


Nov to Feb

9.2 deg C to 29.7 deg C

Perfect time for sightseeing and other tourist activities


Best Time To Visit Indore – September to March



Indore Climate in Summer Season


The temperature of Indore in summer season is quite high and it ranges between 35 degree Celsius and 40 degree Celsius during the day time. It even touches 45 degree C sometimes. However, in the evenings, the cool breeze starts to blow. As it is located on the southern edge of Malwa plateau, the climate of Indore is quite different from that of the other North Indian cities. The climate in evenings is hence moderate and pleasant even in hot summer.



Indore Climate in Winter Season


The winter in Indore is enjoyable and suited for tourist activities. The temperature at night may decrease as much as 10 degree Celsius. January is the coldest month and the lowest recorded temperature is 1.5 degree Celsius. Most of the winter nights have an average temperature of 4 to 6 degree Celsius.


Indore Climate in Monsoon Season


The weather of the Malwa region is pleasant on through the year and the monsoon season is no exception. Indore gets moderate rainfall from the south west monsoon winds. August is the wettest month. The rainfall is heavy in June, July and August. The average annual rainfall is 1062 mm. The average precipitation days in a year are 60.5 days and in July it is 15.9 and in August it is 18.3.


Last Updated: 22/08/2012

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