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Indore Travel Guide


Indore Travel Guide

Known popularly as the industrial and financial capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh, Indore abounds in a number of tourist places of attractions. They come in the form of palaces, monuments and temples which stands as a testimony to the rich cultural tradition of the past. Hence, the tourist attractions of Indore are historically grounded acquainting tourists of the affluent past in all its magnificence. One will find the merging of the modern and ancient world in all extensiveness and prosperity. This aura emanates a charm exclusive of the place and which in turn lures tourists to its vicinity.


There are plethoras of tourist attractions in Indore, some of which are Rajwada (Holkar Palace), Lalbagh Palace, Bijasen Tekri, Chattri Bagh, Kanch Mandir, Bada Ganapati, Central Museum, Khajrana, Geeta Bhavan, Mahatma Gandhi Hall, Indore Museum, Meghdoot Upavan, Annapurna Mandir etc.


Also known as the ‘Holkar Palace’ the Rajwada is located at the heart of the city, Indore. It is a seven storied edifice built in a mixture of Mughal, Maratha and French style of architecture. The glory of the Holkar dynasty is heightened here. A visit to this place is a must.


The Lalbagh Palace is also an impressive tourist spot. A splendid architectural monument, it represents the Holkar dynasty in all its aspects. It was built by Tukoji Rao Holkar II in the year 1886 and the whole structure was completed in the year 1921 under the Tukoji Rao Holkar III. Part of the building has now been converted into a museum.


From the summit of the Bijasen Tekri one can get a spellbinding view of the entire Indore city. The beauty of the city is augmented at sunset when the idyllic beauty of the place glows under the golden rays of the sun. There is a famous temple of Bijasen Mata here which was built in the year 1920.


The Chattri Bagh is a major attraction in Indore. The place is situated near the Khan River. The place is flanked by a number of memorial canopies dedicated to the Holkar rulers. Bada Ganapati as the name signifies is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It enshrines the largest statue of Ganapati in the world. The temple was built in the year 1875. The statue measure about 8m and is made up of gold, silver, brass, iron and copper.


There is the Kanch Mandir built by Sir Hukamchand Seth in the early 20thcentury. It is a Digambar Jain temple, a spot that must be visited. A good Indore travel guide will help you to visit all the attractions at Indore. The aesthetic monuments along with the industrial progression make it an important tourist place. For years to come, it will continue to charm the tourists with its grandeur. 

Last Updated: 22/08/2012

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