Dang District

Population: 226,769 (2011)

State: Gujarat

Language: Gujarati

Headquarters: Ahwa


Area: 1764 square kilometers

Density of Population: 129 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 76.80 % - Male: 84.98 %, Female: 68.75 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:1007


Boundaries of Dang District


North: Tapi District, Gujarat

South and East: Maharashtra

West: Navsari District, Gujarat


Dang District Average Rainfall: 1290.9 mm 

Dang District Average Temperature in Summer: 30.14 deg C 

Dang District Average Temperature in Winter: 21.81 deg C





Major Rivers: Purva, Ambica, Khapri, Gira, Ghoghal

Block: Ahwa

Cities and Towns: Girmal, Waghai, Saputara, Mahal

Assembly Constituencies: Dang


Dang District Nearby Attractions


1. The Fort of Roop Gadh

2. Maya Devi

3. Nalandana Dev

4. Sunset Point

5. Shiv Temple at Chikhli

6. The Forest of Mahalkot

7. Shabarimata Praishtha

8. Pampa Lake

9. Gira Falls

10. Botanical Garden

11. Girmal Falls


Dang District Facts: It is one of the six most backward districts in Gujarat receiving funds from Backward Regions Grant Fund Program. This is the least populous district in Gujarat. 


Major Agricultural Products: Rice, maize, groundnut, ragi, euphorbia, wheat, black gram, udad


Major Industries: Agro processing industries, tourism industry


What is Dang District Famous For: Teak wood, bamboo products


Dang District Pin Codes

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Places in Dang District