Anand District

Population: 2,090,276 (2011)

State: Gujarat

Language: Gujarati

Headquarters: Anand


Date of Formation: Anand District was carved out of Kheda District on 2nd October 1997.

Area: 2940 square kilometers

Density of Population: 711 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 85.79 % - Male: 93.23 %, Female: 77.76 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:921


Boundaries of Anand District


North: Kheda District, Gujarat

South: Gulf of Cambay

East: Vadodara Distrit, Gujarat

West: Ahmedabad District, Gujarat


Anand District Average Rainfall: 608.2 mm 

Anand District Average Temperature in Summer: 32.82 deg C 

Anand District Average Temperature in Winter: 20.62 deg C





Major Rivers: Mahi, Sabarmati, Shedhi

Blocks: Anand, Anklav, Borsad, Khambhat, Petlad, Sojitra, Tarapur, Umreth

Assembly Constituencies: Khambhat, Borsad, Anklav, Umreth, Anand, Petlad, Sojitra


Anand District Nearby Attractions


1. Monument of Martyrs

2. Adas

3. Hanuman Temple Lambhvel

4. Amul Dairy

5. Bochasan

6. Swaminarayan Temple

7. Dhyvaran Power Station

8. Jamma Masjid

9. Khambhat

10. Sun Temple

11. Sarasa

12. Shri Sant Keval Temple

13. Karamsad

14. Ashram of Shrimad Rajchand Agas

15. Anand Campus

16. Sardar Patel’s House

17. Sardar Patel Memorial


Anand District Facts: Amul or Anand Milk Union Limited is the largest producer of milk and milk products in India and is also the biggest vegetarian cheese brand in the world.        


Major Agricultural Products: Tobacco, rice, wheat, millet, banana, green vegetables


Major Industries: Cambay Chemicals Ltd, Beepee Coating Ltd, Elecon Engineering Company Ltd, Hindustan Packaging Company Ltd, National Dairy Development Board, Mother Dairy Food Processing Ltd


Major Educational Institutions: Sardar Patel University, Gujarat Agriculture University, S M Patel College of Home Science, B J Vanijya Mahavidyalaya, Anand Arts College, Anand Institute of Social Work, J. M. Patel Arts College, P. M. Patel Institute of Integrated Biotechnology, Sardar Patel Commerce College, BRD School of Biosciences, Ipcowala Santram College of Fine Arts, C. P. Patel and F. H. Shah Commerce College


What is Anand District Famous For: Large number of NRIs and Amul Dairy cooperative organization


Famous People From Anand District: Haribhai M Patel


Anand District Pin Codes

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Places in Anand District