Lakhisarai District

Population: 1,000,717 (2011)

State: Bihar

Language: Hindi, Angika, Mythili

Headquarters: Lakhisarai


Date of formation: Lakhisarai District was carved out of Munger District on 3rd July 1994.

Area: 1228 square kilometers                                                                                                        

Density of population: 815 people per square kilometer                                  

Literacy Rate: 64.95 % - Male: 73.98 %, Female: 54.89 %                                                 

Male Female Ratio: 1000:900                                                


Boundaries of Lakhisarai District


North: Beghusarai District, Bihar

South: Jamui District, Bihar

East: Munger District, Bihar

West: Sheikhpura District, Nalanda District, Patna District, Bihar


Lakhisarai District Average Rainfall: 867.75 mm

Lakhisarai District Average Temperature in Summer: 31.80 deg C

Lakhisarai District Average Temperature in Winter: 16.40 deg C





Major Rivers: Ganga River, Harohar, Kiul

Sub Divisions: Lakhisarai

Blocks: Halsi, Lakhisarai, Barahiya, Suryagarha, Piparia, Raigarh Chowk

Assembly Constituencies: Lakhisarai, Suryagarha


Lakhisarai District Nearby Attractions


1. Rajauna

2. Kabaiya

3. Nongarh

4. Barahiya

5. Shringirishi

6. Abhinath Asthan

7. Bhagwati Asthan


Lakhisarai District Facts: It is one of the 36 most backward districts in Bihar and is receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Program.      


Major Agricultural Products: Paddy, wheat, lentils, potato, onion


Major Industries: Iron rod industry, rice mills, sindur factory, insecticide manufacturing industry


What is Lakhisarai District Famous For: River sand


Lakhisarai District Pin Codes

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