Chakhi Khuntia

Chakhi Khuntia

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Chakhi Khuntia Profile

  • Name:
  • Chakhi Khuntia
  • Other Name:
  • Chandan Hajuri
  • Born / Home Town:
  • Puri
  • Father:
  • Aghunath Khuntia Alias Bhimasen Hajuri
  • Mother:
  • Kamalabati

Chakhi Khuntia Biography

Chakhi Khuntia was a Jagannath Temple priest and a poet from Puri, Odisha. A National hero during British period, he participated in Indian Rebellion of 1857, for which he is remembered too. He lived in the 19th century during the period, 20 January 1827 – 1870, and his real name is Chandan Hajuri. He was the family priest of Manubai, who later renamed her as Lakshmibai after her marriage. She came to be known as Jhansi Ki Rani later. He spent his last years in Puri, fully dedicated to god and composed several popular poems and songs dedicated to Jagannath. He also authored a palm life manuscript titled Manubai in memory of Rani Lakshmibai, after her death. He died at a comparatively young age of 42 in 1870.


Chakhi Khuntia was born as Chandan Hajuri on 7th January 1827 in Puri, which now belongs to Odisha state. He was born on the auspicious day of Samba Dashami in the year 1827. Bhimasen Hajuri and Kamalabati were his parents. He was born into a family of Pandas or religious guides, who guide tourists to different temples of Odisha.  This profession was traditionally followed by his family. He was a naughty child during his childhood. He was married to Sundarmani when he was only 12. As a child he learnt Oriya, Sanskrit and Hindi literature so that he can perform duties of a priest at Jagannath Temple. He also learned traditional wrestling, which he later taught to students and soldiers. He was also interested in learning History and Geography of India.


He was the family priest of Rani Lakshmi Bhai before her marriage, and it was he, who gave the name after marriage to Gangadhar Rao, the King of Jhansi. He is well known for mobilizing the sepoys and organizing mutiny in the areas around Jagannath temple before the Indian Rebellion of 1857. He held a direct contact with the rebel leadership during the Mutiny. Later he got arrested and his properties were confiscated. Upon release, he supported Lakshmi Bhai’s revolt against British. He was arrested several times by British.

Published: July 17, 2018

Updated: July 17, 2018


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