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What to Do in Tirupati


7 Things To Do In Tirupati


1. Visit the temples located here. It is a habit to visit Sri Varahaswami Temple before going to Sri Venkateswaraswami.


2. Visit the local markets and buy some photos of the deity and the statues which are considered to be sacred.


3. Buy Sapthagiri magazine which is a religious magazine that was started in 1949 and circulated in five languages namely Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and English.


4. On the way to Tirumala is located the deer park. You can spend your time there and these animals are very lovable and come near the visitors with affection.



5. If you want to taste the free meals offered at Sri Vari Temple then you can get the coupons there. This meal has rice, sambhar, chutney, rasam and vegetable curry.


6. There are certain things that should not be done here such as eating non-vegetarian foods, consuming alcohol and wearing inappropriate clothing. All these things are considered to disturb the holiness of the environment.


7. Many package tours are organized from Tirupati by the tourist offices and you can book one of them to take on one day sightseeing.

Last Updated: 24/07/2012

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