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Local Transportation in Tirupati

Local Transportation in Tirupati

The common means of transportation in Tirupati are buses and cars. The free buses are run by APSRTC from Tirupati Railway Station to Alipiri and from here you can take bus to Tirumala or decide to walk. Another free bus service runs from the railway station to Srivari Mettu.


For traveling between Tirupati and Tirumala there are two well laid road, the old ghat road and the new ghat road. The APSRTC runs frequent buses between these destinations. You can buy return tickets also at Tirupati itself. They are valid for three days from the date of purchase and with these tickets you can board any APSRTC bus. During festival times additional buses are operated.


There are also contract carriages offered by APSRTC and they have 45 seats and are available at affordable prices. You can reserve them in advance. For the convenience of the passengers there are four bus stations in Tirupati namely Sri Venkateswara Bus Station, Sapthagiri Link Bus Station, Balaji Bus Station and Sri Padmavathi Bus Station.


You can hire cars also. When you are traveling by cars you have to travel along the hair pin bends of the ghat roads very carefully.

Last Updated: 24/07/2012

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