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Climate in New Delhi


Climate in New Delhi

The New Delhi has a humid subtropical climate with hot summer and cold winter. The summers start in April and by May the average temperature reaches 32 degree Celsius. The heat waves drive the temperature to as much as 45 degree Celsius occasionally.


When the precipitation starts in June and lasts till September, the temperature in New Delhi starts to decrease. In these months, the city gets 31.5 inches of rainfall and the temperature during that time varies from 25 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius.




In the post monsoon season in October, the climate decreases further and reaches 21 degree Celsius. The winter season in New Delhi starts in November and the temperature ranges from 12 to 23 degree Celsius during that time.


When the cold winds from Himalayas start to blow in winter, the temperature goes below the freezing point. The heavy fog screens the visibility and disrupts the air, road and rail transport. A short spring season follows the winter season before the onset of summer.




The lowest recorded temperature in New Delhi is -0.6 degree Celsius and the highest is 47 degree Celsius.


In October and November or February and March the climate in New Delhi is cool with sunny weather during mid day. If you visit New Delhi at this time, you can enjoy without worrying much about its climate.


Best Time To Visit New Delhi: October, November, February, March

Last Updated: 15/06/2012

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