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Local Transportation in Nagpur

Local Transportation in Nagpur

The various means of local transportation in Nagpur are rickshaws, buses and cars. The three wheeled auto rickshaws could be seen in all the places of the city and they help the tourists to reach any place even small lanes. If you are from airport or railway station, the taxis or cabs are available. These chauffeur driven taxis are also affordable means of local transportation.


The buses are the most affordable means of public transport system. The routes and numbers are displayed on the buses and they help to board the right bus. They stop at particular bus stops and they are overcrowded at times. These buses ply all around the city frequently and are good for reaching the suburb areas.


Those want to travel with comfort and convenience should book the private cars from the number of car rental companies available in the city.

Last Updated: 01/10/2012

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