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What to Do in Jammu


6 Things To Do In Jammu


1. Jammu is famous for Kashmiri handicrafts and traditional Dogra Jewelry. It is also popular for dry fruits, walnuts, basmati rice, rajma, burfi and almonds. You can purchase these items in the main bazaars at Vir Marg, Raghunath Bazaar and Hari Market.


2. Jammu is a city of temples and if you have spiritual inclination spend a day to visit the temples in and around Jammu. There are more than dozen popular temples at this place.


3. Enjoy some of the traditional dishes of Jammu like pawan fruit ice cream, kaladi, kachalu, Kashmiri wazwan and paras raam de hatti.



4. Enjoy the picturesque surrounding of Jammu standing at the Amar Mahal Palace. There is a museum also here worth visiting.


5. There are many multiplexes and malls in Jammu and you can loiter around these places and enjoy a good cinema.


6. Take a walk along the Tawi river that flows through this region. Peer Kho cave is located on the banks of the river and there is a temple here named RAnbireshwar Temple with one central Shiva lingam and thousands of Shiva lingams near it.

Last Updated: 01/10/2012

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