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Local Transportation in Jaipur

Local Transportation in Jaipur

The buses, the auto rickshaws, the cycle rickshaws, the cabs and the taxis are some of the means of transport in Jaipur.


Transportation in Jaipur by Bus


Traveling by buses is one of the cheapest ways of seeing all the nearby attractions in Jaipur. The Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation runs buses for three types of tours - for full day tour, for half day tour and for pink city night tour. A guide will be there in each bus and he will give you brief account of all the sightseeing places.


Apart from the tourist buses there are local buses available to take you to your desired destination. The city buses are operated by Jaipur City Transport Services Limited. The charges are nominal. The bus depots are located at Vaishali Nagar, Vidhyadhar Nagar and Sanganer. There are also low floor air-conditioned buses for disabled and hop on hop off bus service for the tourists. Jaipur Bus Rapid Transit System is in operation connecting C-Zone Bypass with Pani Pech of the North-South Corridor.


Transportation in Jaipur by Rickshaws


Auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws are available for getting around the city. They are the cheapest means of transport that helps you to get on and get off at the door steps. You can also hire an auto rickshaw for a whole day trip. Prepaid autos are available at the Sindhi Camp bus stand and at the Jaipur railway station.


Traveling by cycle rickshaws will help you to see and watch the city at a slower pace. You can enjoy the pink buildings of the city during your ride. They charge lesser than auto rickshaws and two people can travel comfortably in these three wheelers. They are found in all the places of the city and you can hire them at any place.


Transportation in Jaipur by Cars and Taxis


The cars and taxis are available for full day trip or for going to particular destination. The rates are higher than auto rickshaws. You book a taxi through phone and they will pick you up at your door steps. The taxis are painted in yellow and black and have yellow license plates for identifying them from private cars.


Transportation in Jaipur on Elephant’s back


Elephants are used as the means of transport in Jaipur to climb up the hill to reach the Amber Fort. An elephant can carry three to four passengers. It has a carriage on its top made of wood with seats. The mahout sits on the neck of these well trained elephants and controls them with the ankush.

Last Updated: 06/12/2015

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