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Climate in Jaipur


Climate in Jaipur

The climate in Jaipur has a semi-arid that is very hot in summer relatively high throughout the year. The city comes under Koppen Climate classification Bsh. It receives less rainfall and they are sudden and frequent with thunderstorms in monsoon season. At nights, the cold waves make the temperature drop down to freezing point.


Jaipur Seasons







Mar to Jun

16 deg C to 40 deg C

Very high in day time and moderate in nights


July to Oct

19 deg C to 34 deg C

Sudden heavy pours and thunderstorms


Nov to Feb

8 deg C to 29 deg C

Mild and pleasant with little humidity



Best Time To Visit Jaipur – October to March




Jaipur Climate in Summer Season


Summer season in Jaipur is hot and dry. It ranges from March to July and the maximum temperature during summer is 45 degree Celsius. Drinking lots of water is necessary to avoid dehydration during this time. May and June are the hottest months and the average high temperature during this time is 40 degree Celsius. These months are not good for tourist activities and so it is better to avoid going to Jaipur at this time. Wearing light cotton clothes, sunglasses and applying sunscreen lotion are recommended. However most of the hotels in Jaipur have air-conditioners as they are very necessary for Jaipur climate.



Jaipur Climate in Winter Season


Climate in Jaipur in winter season is cold and chilly. The day time is sunny and warm and the nights are very cold. It has a typical desert climate. The temperature ranges from 15 deg C to 18 deg C in winter. There is little or humidity at this time. But the cold waves make the temperature drop to freezing point. January and February are the coldest months. Woolen clothes are needed during nights but it is necessary to carry some cotton clothes to wear during daytime.


Jaipur Climate in Monsoon Season


Jaipur receives relatively less amount of rainfall. The average annual rainfall is 668 mm. July and August are the wettest months. The city gets rainfall from northeast monsoon winds. The rainfall starts with mild showers in June and ends in October. It receives very less or no rainfall in other months of the year. Most of the time there are sudden and frequent outbursts of rain with thunderstorms.


Last Updated: 06/12/2015

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