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Climate in Hyderabad


Climate in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has tropical wet and dry climate as well as the hot semi-arid climate. Though the days are hot, the evenings and early mornings are comparatively cooler as the city is located in moderate elevation. It has 2731 sunshine hours in a year and the maximum exposure to sun occurs in the month of February. Humidity remains very high and it exceeds 75% during monsoon seasons. From March to May, the level of humidity ranges from 25% to 30%. Hyderabad has three seasons, summer, winter and monsoon.


Hyderabad Seasons







Mar to Jun

21 deg C to 38 deg C

Hot and humid at daytime and comparatively cooler at nights


Jul to Oct

20 deg C to 30 deg C

Southwest monsoon brings good rainfall


Nov to Feb

14 deg C to 32 deg C

Climate is pleasant and good for tourist activities


Best Time To Visit Hyderabad – October to February



Hyderabad Climate in Summer Season


The summer season in Hyderabad lasts from March to June and the maximum climate at this time is 38 degree Celsius. Summers are hot and humid and in April and June climate even exceeds 40 degree Celsius. However, evenings are usually mild and pleasant and the temperature drops to as much as 21 degree Celsius at night.



Hyderabad Climate in Winter Season


The winter season in Hyderabad is short and lasts only for two and half months. It starts in November and lasts till February. January is the coolest month of the year with an average daily minimum temperature of 14.7 degree Celsius and average daily maximum temperature of 28.6 degree Celsius. Winters are not harsh but mild and so it attracts tourists.


Hyderabad Climate in Monsoon Season


The rainy season comes as a solace to the scorching heat of summer. The monsoon season starts in June and ends in October. The southwest monsoon brings rainfall to this city. September is the wettest month with a monthly rainfall of 181.5 mm. The average annual rainfall in Hyderabad is 812.5 mm. Sometimes it also experiences cyclonic depressions because of the low pressure trough that forms in the plateau region. The sky is cloudy from June to October.


Last Updated: 22/07/2012

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