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Local Transportation in Hyderabad

Local Transportation in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has good road network and many means of transportation such as by buses, by cars and taxis, by auto-rickshaw are available.


Transportation in Hyderabad by Bus


Hyderabad has a good connectivity by buses and they are run by the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation. These buses start from the Mahatma Gandhi Bus Terminus and there are many varieties of buses namely Metro Express and Metro Deluxe and normal buses. There are also air-conditioned buses that ply in all the parts of the city. However the local buses are usually crowded. The routes on these buses are displayed in local language Telugu and in English.


Transportation in Hyderabad by Auto Rickshaws


There are many metered auto rickshaws found in Hyderabad and they can carry up to three passengers. There is a minimum fare and the fare is charged based on the kilometers traveled. These are very useful if you want to make short distance travels.


Transportation in Hyderabad by Cars and Taxis


The metered taxis are available on request and you have to call their centralized call centers to book the service. They offer very good service and so are very useful especially if you want to make long distance travels. However you cannot get them without making prior booking as they have high demand. They charge based on kilometers and based on hours. But these charges are affordable. You can hire private cars also. Many car rentals are available at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.


Transportation in Hyderabad by Train


Local trains are available in some places in Hyderabad. They are called MMTS and this is the fastest way to reach a particular destination without getting into the traffic. The train timing schedules are available online. Availing first class tickets will help you to make your travel more comfortable. If you are traveling regularly then you can take daily and monthly passes that are available at the MMTS stations.

Last Updated: 22/07/2012

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