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Climate in Chennai


Climate in Chennai

Climate in Chennai is hot as it enjoys the tropical wet and dry climate. Chennai is located at an altitude of 33 feet above mean sea level. The proximity to the equator and having the coastline determines it climate. The climate is hot and humid and the month of February is the driest and the month of November is the wettest. The average temperature of Chennai is 28.6 degree Celcius. The mean relative humidity in a year is 71.1%. From April to October, southwesterly winds blow and from November to March northeasterly wind blow in Chennai.


Chennai Seasons







Mar to June

26 deg C to 42 deg C

Hot temperature with cooling breeze at night


July to Oct

24 deg C to 36 deg C

Pleasant shower of rain by north east and south west monsoon winds


Nov to Feb

19 deg C to 29 deg C

Comfortable climate with moderate rainfall.


The Best Time to Visit Chennai – November to March




Chennai Climate in Summer Season


In summer, the climate in Chennai shoots up to 35 to 42 degree Celsius. These hottest months are called Agni Nakshatram period. The cool breeze from the sea blows in the night time. The hottest average temperature is 38 degree Celsius. May is the hottest month. The hot climate restricts many people confined to their houses and makes it unfit for tourist activities. If you visit Chennai during summer it is better to book rooms with air-condition facilities. The average sunlight hours per day is 7.4 hours.



Chennai Climate in Winter Season


The climate in Chennai is pleasant in winter season and the coolest month is January in which the minimum temperature is measured around 15 to 22 degree Celsius. The lowest temperature recorded during winter is 13.8 degree Celsius. The months of November, December, January and February are cooler and considered the best time to visit Chennai. During this time, the coolest average temperature is 20 degree Celsius.


Chennai Climate


Chennai Climate in Monsoon Season


The climate in Chennai during monsoon seasons is wet and the city gets its rainfall from north east monsoon winds. The cyclones caused in Bay of Bengal also hit the city sometimes leading to heavy rainfall. The average rainfall of Chennai is 1400 mm. The November is the wettest month in which the average rainfall is 350 mm and the March is the driest month with just 3 mm rainfall. As there are no major rivers flowing through the city, Chennai depends upon the monsoon rains for replenishing its water reservoirs.

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