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Climate in Bangalore


Climate in Bangalore

Bangalore has a tropical savanna climate with both wet and dry seasons. But the climate is moderate throughout the year. It is located at an altitude of 949 meters above mean sea level and so it has salubrious climate. It receives frequent rainfall and the summers are warm and the winters are cold without extreme temperatures.


Bangalore Climate in Summer Season


The summer season starts in April and lasts till June. The maximum temperature is 36 degree Celsius and April is the warmest month. In summer the minimum temperature is 20 degree Celcius. The average high temperature is 33.6 degrees and the highest ever recorded temperature in Bangalore is 38.9 degrees. The heat is summer is moderated by thunderstorms.



Bangalore Climate in Winter Season


The winter season starts here from December and lasts till February. January is the coldest month and the average low temperature is 15.1 degree Celsius. The temperature in winter seldom falls below 12 degrees and the lowest ever recorded temperature in Bangalore in winter is 7.8 degree Celsius.


Bangalore Climate in Monsoon Season


Both southwest monsoon wind and northeast monsoon wind brings rainfall to Bangalore. September, October and August are the wettest months and in summer there may be local flooding due to thunderstorms. The highest rainfall recorded was 179 mm on 1st October 1997.



The primary rainy season lasts from June to September and southwest monsoon wind brings rainfall during this season. The rainfall in the secondary rainy season that lasts in the month of November and December is brought by northeast monsoon winds. The average annual rainfall of Bangalore is 859 mm.


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Last Updated: 15/06/2012

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