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Name : sreevani
Country : India
State : Karnataka
City : Ballary
Sex : female
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Swelling During Pregnancy

Your belly's not the only thing that's swelling these days. That puff mama look often extend..

Updated On: May 17, 2013
Smart Planning Of Summer Tour

Ooty, Kulumanali, Shimla …….. tour, where ever is the plan, we think that it s..

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Everything Has Changed

Doing education in very famous colleges, campus recruitment before completion of the courses..

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Top Star Hotel In A Street

Babaiee Hotel in Vijayawada, Kamala Vilas in Nellore, Subbaiah Hotel in Kakinada - ther..

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A Story About Husband And Wife Relationship

It is past 8 months we got married, but we are not getting adjusted to each other. There is ..

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Team Spirit

The wall will be strong only if every brick constituting it is strong. It is common knowledg..

Updated On: May 25, 2013
Faith In Oneself

The term faith stands for the firm conviction that you are not a mere body that is subject t..

Updated On: May 25, 2013

More than 350 people have travelled into space, 26 on missions to the Moon and fthe rest in ..

Updated On: May 25, 2013

Cartoons or animated films are movies in which drawings or models seem to come to life. The ..

Updated On: May 25, 2013
Zero But Still Be Self-confident

How could one be a 'zero' and still be self confident at the same time? Aren't the two quali..

Updated On: May 25, 2013
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