Cartoons or animated films are movies in which drawings or models seem to come to life. The effect is achieved by slight changes to the drawing or model between each frame of film. Animated films first appeared in the 1900s, and the art has developed alongside motion pictures; computer animation is now used to create amazing special effects in movies. Cartoons usually have a comic theme, although animation can also be a thought-provoking medium for a serious message.

Direct animation:

With this method the animator creates characters from clay or other media. The characters are slightly repositioned before the camera between each frame of film, creating the effect of movement.

Wallace & Gromit:

Wallance & Gromit are the creations of British animator Nick Park and have starred in several award-winning films. The plasticine puppets are less than 15cm high.

Computer animation:

Animators use computers to draw the images between the start and end of an action, or to improve or alter hand-drawn images. Computers can now generate an entire film as well as breathtaking special effects.


Aladdin was one of Disney’s first major computer-animated films. Although the characters were hand-drawn, three dimensional software was used to create dramatic effects in lighting, texture and movement such as the lava sequence.

Cel animation:

In cel animation, animators produce at least 12 drawings for each second of action. The background, which usually does not move, is drawn on paper. The animator draws the moving characters on layers of cel (Clear Plastic Film), so there is no need to redraw the parts that do not move between frames. The background shows through the clear areas of cel.

The Simpsons:

Matt Groening created The Simpsons while still at school, publishing them as a newspaper comic strip. The animated series made its debut on US television in 1989 and has since become one of the world’s most popular shows. The quirky storylines centre on Bart and his family.


The US animators Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera created many of the most popular TV cartoon characters. Their first film, called Puss Gets the Boot,w as released in 1940 and starred Tom and Jerry, the cat and mouse rivals. Other Hanna-Barbera characters include Yogi Bear and the Flintstones.

These are some are the things of Cartoons and Animations

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