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Pollution is a damage or contamination to the natural form of our environment. Pollution is caused by both natural disasters and man-made actions, although man-made actions are the greater causes of pollution. Pollution can take the form of several types, which explained in the next topic. There are several effects of pollution, including the destruction of the earth’s natural resources, global warming, and climate change. It is noteworthy that we are aware of pollution because we, humans, are significantly affected by this. The next parts of this article will discuss more on the types, causes, and prevention of pollution.


There are several types of pollution if you enumerate them one by one, but there are six main types of pollution: air, water, noise, land, radioactive, and thermal.

Air pollution – Chemicals and gases that mixed with the natural atmosphere of the earth.

Water pollution – Bodies of water contaminated by chemicals.

Noise pollution – Intensity of sound that has affected people’s daily activities.

Land pollution – Contamination of chemicals in soil and land surfaces.

Radioactive pollution – Wastes as a result of nuclear activity.

Thermal pollution – Heat that turns in the waste as a result of industrial activity


There are different factors, both man-made and natural, that contributes or triggers each type pollution. Below are the contributing factors for each form of pollution:

Air pollution – Gases from vehicles and factories, fires, volcanic eruptions and other natural occurrences, cigarette smoking, construction.

Water pollution – Dynamite fishing, littering, sediments, soil erosion • Noise pollution – Traffic jams, manufacturing factories, parties and concerts, land and air transportation.

Land pollution – Littering, soil erosion, mining, construction, landfills, and excessive use of pesticides for farming.

Radioactive pollution – Nuclear activity, Wrong disposal of nuclear wastes, mining.

Thermal pollution – Excess heat, power plants


To lessen pollution, the least that we can do is recycling. Recycling helps a lot in lessening the amount of garbage because instead of throwing used materials at once, there are some more uses for these materials. For example, instead of throwing plastic bags used for grocery shopping, you can use it again as a trash bag. Simple things as recycling can do enormous things for the better. Another thing that we can is to be considerate to others and to the environment to be able to think of ways to lessen the pollution our planet already has at present.


We all know that the Earth is suffering from pollution. This pollution has contributed to our planet’s biggest problem: global warming. By doing basic things as an act of care for the environment, we can help in lessening our contribution to the pollution in our own little way. This action can take us far into preserving our environment. Being aware with the concept of pollution makes us educated citizens, so that we would know what causes the pollution, as well as to know what ways can we control and lessen them. Let us be exemplary citizens of our Mother Nature!

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I visited the Beautiful underground world of Meghalaya and have seen the effect of environment pollution in the caves. I write this article so that people know about the pollution and how to reduce the pollution.

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