Necessity Of Sex-Education In India

Sex Education

Sex is one of the biggest issues in our society in which people hesitate to talk. If someone talks on these issues, they do it like a thief as they are doing some illegal thing. While the truth is that, there is a strong importance of sex in our life and no one negotiate this fact. Still most of the people in India do not want to talk on this topic which is a drawback for future generation.

Why Sex Education is Necessary 

Many question related to sex raise in the mind of the teenage. For getting the answer of these questions, they move towards Internet, cheap novel and television and get a little knowledge about these subjects. As we know, little knowledge is more dangerous. Thus, this knowledge move them towards unhealthy habits and they become the victim of the sex-related problem, which they guilt in whole life. Some time due to excitement, they do wrong things. If parents want to keep their child away from unhealthy habits and pregnancy in teenage and want to give them healthy and safe life in the future, then they should talk openly with them on this topic.

What is the Right Time for Sex Education?

Whenever a child ask their parents about child birth or ask about a sex related scene on television, then you should anticipate that it is the right time to give them right answer. In this way, parents can help their children to get the answer of their question otherwise they will go outside for getting this answer.

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Being an Indian author found it that in India, parents hesitate to discuss sex related topics with their child. Due to this their child choose wrong way for getting answer of question that raised in their mind.

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