Faith In Oneself


The term faith stands for the firm conviction that you are not a mere body that is subject to decay and death but a spark of the Divine. Even though a tiny drop of water from the ocean is not the ocean in itself, it is nevertheless true that it is part of the ocean. It is the little drops of water and the little grains of sand that make the mighty ocean and this pleasant land as one can rightly observe. It denotes that God resides deep down within you. The awareness that you owe your very existence to God who steers you clear of pitfalls and gins will strengthen your faith in yourself. Doubt not the fact that God is your benevolent hero and that He is your closest guide and guard, ever caring, ever forgiving and ever protecting. When you recall that He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, you will certainly understand that you are just a zero in comparison with God, the Pranashakthi, who is the real hero of your life.


The reassuring trust that God has taken you under His wings and will never desert you can strengthen your faith in yourself to a very great extent. However, you can strengthen the faith still further by seeking the guidance of your Guru who leads you by the hand along the righteous path. Delving deep into holy books can serve as on elixir of life to your faith. For good measure, stand near the window, clasp the rods and view the vast expanse of the sky for ten minutes every day. Stand in the gurgling stream for ten minutes and take a stroll admiring the divine beauty of God as reflected in nature. See how God shines in stars, signs in streams, laughs in the light and whispers in the wind and smiles in flowers. All these exercises will be immensely helpful in reinforcing your faith. They will empty your mind of the undesirable contents and of negative emotions that try to make inroads into your faith in yourself.


Always attribute your confidence and optimism to God’s grace and admit openly that you will be able to complete a job only because of God’s grace. Never blame God in case you happen to commit any mistake. Seek the forgiveness of your fellow-beings. Regularity in Sadhana and the assimilation of divine virtues can prevent your faith from making you heady and from adding fuel to the fire of your egoism. Remember that if at all your faith were to kindle your ego, it would impede your Sadhana, jeopardize your spiritual evolution and precipitate your downfall.

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Faith in oneself


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