A Story About Husband And Wife Relationship


It is past 8 months we got married, but we are not getting adjusted to each other. There is one issue, for which we both are not having the same opinion. Day by day we are quarrelling for that matter. If we say about that issue, you may feel it very silly. Our quarrel is about food. Is it necessary to be away for one and half month for the sake of food? It may be silly but is playing a very important role, that is only because of the family background what we both have come.


I like to add spices for each and everything what I prepare. I used to never have food without adding these spices. Before marriage if there were no spices added to my food then I used to fast without having anything. My husband is totally quite opposite. He does not like adding spices to curries and not even to fry items. He always comments and pinpoints saying “is not that food if there is not cumin seeds and mustard seeds”.


We quarreled due to this issue for eight months. Both are of stubborn character. One Sunday he scolded me a lot saying “Why don’t you change your method of cooking, I told you many times, I don’t like adding spices to curries which will disturb me a lot while having food”. I lost my temper and told him “If you want, you cook yourself separately, I know to cook in this way only, how you don’t like the spices from your childhood, I like them from my childhood. Why don’t you understand me? I have changed many things for you till now, still you are expecting more from me”.


He threw TV remote, took the news paper and went to Bed room. After completing all my work, I went and peeped into bedroom and when I saw him sleeping felt that he might have understood me. After an hour he came to me and asked that he was feeling hungry. As it was Sunday and had time, I prepared 5 to 6 items for lunch. We both sat to have lunch, he was quite for some time, but started murmuring slowly “We can say to people who listens, but how should I manage with such kind of people”, I was unable to control but if I too start saying something he will leave the lunch and go. But he dint stop, I lost control and started screaming, this quarrel went on for one week as a TV serial.


I packed my belonging to went away from home to stay with my friend. I stayed there for 2 days but did not say anything about this issue. After that I went and stayed in working women’s hostel. It was already 4 days but no phone call from him. I felt very bad thinking that he is neglecting me a lot, but later felt that why should I think of a person who does not think of me.


One day I got a call from my mother saying “ This Sunday you both couple come home for lunch”, my voice started shivering. Nor my parents or my inlaws know about our quarrel. Then what to do now, thinking thinking the invited Sunday arrived. I told some reason and avoided going there. But being a mother she understood that there was something fishy going on. Next day morning my father and brother went to home. He told that I was not at home but I was with my friend. My father some how found out the hostel where I was saying and came there.


I told them what all happened, and told them that how he was behaving with me. My in laws came home, starting though they laughed about our issue, but knowing how serious we both were, they all tried to compromise the matter between us. But we both were stubborn. We both were away for one and half year.


Don’t know what happened after that, he came to the hostel where I was staying. He told “we are behaving childish, all are having quarrels but they are compromising and staying. Come lets compromise and be happy”. I asked him “Then what is the solution?”, he told “we will think over, but first come with him”. Saying this he took me with him. And the solution was what we have decided previously and my husband was not ready to accept, we kept a maid for cooking who cooks food for both of us separately.

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