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Name : sreevani
Country : India
State : Karnataka
City : Ballary
Sex : female
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Ram Prosad Acharyya


Development Of Parks At Bellary

Bellary is a district place, it has been developed a lot in the time span of five years. Eac..

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Goddess Durga Devi

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Home Remedies For Beautiful Skin

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Supreme Court Order Related To Mining In Karnataka State

SUPREME COURT ORDER In recent days Karnataka has become very famous due to Mining. Govern..

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Impatience Is A Silent Killer

IMPATIENCE IS A SILENT KILLER Road rage has become a common form of crime on our roads. R..

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Smart Watch

Watch is used to view time or for fashion is an old idea. Using watch starting from phone ca..

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Why Do People Scream When They Are Angry

One day Mohar Baba asked his followers "Why do people scream when they are angry?" His follo..

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As Your Habits Are, So Are You

In every sphere of human life whether it pertains to fostering good or evil or to c..

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Beautiful Doll Contest

BEAUTIFUL DOLLS Beauty contest is not only for beautiful females but also to beautiful do..

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