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Bellary is a district place, it has been developed a lot in the time span of five years. Each and every area is now having a park. Past it was very hard to find three to four parks for the whole city, but now everyone are enjoying the facility of parks at Bellary. The famous parks at Bellary are Rajkumar park, which is situated in Royal circle, we do have boating facility, musical fountain at that park. We can also see the scruptures of famous tourist place Hampi over there in the Rajkumar park. We can also find nice canteen facility at this park. This Rajkumar park is very spacious, we can enjoy and spend our time happily. Some of the visitors also have their membership in this park, they usually go daily for walking over there.

Vishwanathan Park which is situated at Kuvempu Nagar, which have been developed very recently.  This Vishwanathan Park is very spacious and very hygienic. There are also many games for the enjoyment of children, all these games are safe to play. Children will surely enjoy and have very nice time in the park. Even elderly people will have nice fresh air which is very good for their health.

Narayan Rao Park which is situated opposite to Municipal College.  There are many colleges situated in the surrounding of this Narayan Rao Park, so it is very famous for college students. There is a statue of God Shiva and parvathi over in this park which is very beautiful. Most of the students come here for group studies.

Other than this we can also see many more parks which are very comfortable and enjoyable. All the parks are situated in such a place that its very comfortable and are set aside for human enjoyment. Though they charge some money for entering into these parks, its worth able of paying, because we enjoy a lot and divert our mind. Children will have a great time, and will have both physiological and mental development. Bellary has developed in such a range that it is not only well developed in parks but also in many fields. There are also many developed hospitals over in Bellary. One super specialty hospital is under construction which will be inaugurated very shortly.

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