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Beautiful Dolls

Beauty contest is not only for beautiful females but also to beautiful dolls. To say truly tough competition will be more between beautiful dolls than beautiful females, this is reason that the Fashion Doll crown will be changed every month.

Beauty contest will be conducted every year. Thousands of females contest to win the crown of Miss India, Miss Universe, and Miss World every year. To participate in these contests they take training for years, develop their facial attractions, even though they will not be selected. Now Beauty contest is not only for beautiful females but also to beautiful dolls. Miss Universe contest will be conducted once a year but Fashion Doll Contest will be conducted every month.

Usually small children love dolls, especially new modern dolls, beautiful dolls and dolls of latest trend, children will not live such dolls. Now a day the company’s are manufacturing and introducing dolls with new styles day by day. These newly manufactured dolls will be sent to London for participating in Fashion Doll Contest. A very friendly company for children who manufactures Barbiee Dolls is Maattal, and one who has created Tommy is Ideal Toy Company, British Pedigrey Dolls and Toys, Velvette Doll, Mary Disney, MGA Entertainment Company, Maisen, Asian Company one who creates Asian Fashion Dolls, Takara of Japan, Pulif of Tokay, such many companies participate in this Fashion Doll Contest. This Fashion Doll Contest has become world wide famous because of the participation of such famous companies. This Fashion Doll Contest will be conducted every first week of the month, and the winner will be selected by some special judges. This Fashion Doll Title will be decided and given to the dolls which are in latest fashion, trendy and cute. First runner up and second runner up will to given to other two Dolls which are beautiful all among the Dolls. Dolls which have won will be given prizes. But the Dolls which have participated and won in this Fashion Doll contest will be more costly to purchase, purchase of such dolls is very tough to the ordinary person.

Generation has changed in such a way that, Dolls are enjoying the importance just like a human being. Is it not something very surprising.

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