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Karnataka is always famous for pooja’s and temples. Bellary city is very very famous for a temple of Durga Devi. It is famously known as “Durgamma Gudi”. Durgamma gudi is situated in the center portion of Durgamma Gudi Road, one who crosses this road will have a very nice view of this Goddess. There is also a very big statue of Goddess Durga Devi and Goddess Adhishakthi Devi outside the Temple. This temple will be very crowded on Tuesday and Friday as these days are considered as the Days of Goddess. Every Tuesday and Friday there will be free food to all the visitors, this food will be sponsored by the people who are interested to donate food to the poor and serve Goddess Durga Devi. All the Bhakthas will treat this food has Prasad and Goddess Durga Devi. There is also the procedure that one who has this Prasad should clean their plates themselves so that it will be easy to other people.

There are some occasions when this temple will be crowed with lot of people for the whole day. This Durgamma Gudi is so famous that most of the people come from the surrounding villages. Not only from surrounding villages but many come from far away places. It is mostly believed that one who is suffering from dieses will be cured; one who is not blessed with children will be blessed, one who is facing bad if they come to this temple most of their problems will be solved, these are just the examples but there are many believer who believe that most of our problems will be solved after taking this Goddess Durga Devi of Bellary. Most of the couples get there newly born children to this temple for the blessings of Goddess Durga Devi, if this is done they believe that the future of the children will be bright and will be blessed with long life.

I feel that visiting this Goddess Durga Devi temple is worth able and suggest everyone to visit once if you have by which you will profited and at the same time have some pleasant time and also good darshan of Goddess of Durga Devi

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