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Radha Thomas is an author, vocalist and the leader of the jazz fusion band UNK: the Radha Thomas Ensemble. She also serves as Executive Vice-President at Explocity Private Limited, a media publishing house. As an artist she has associated with some internationally known artists like John Scofield, Ryo Kawasaki, Michael Brecker, John Faddis, Joe Farrell, Alex Blake etc. She is also known as Radha Shottam. Mirror of My Mind and Ring Toss are a couple of albums in which she featured. She is the songwriter of all her live performances. She has been performing since the 1970s, and her career spans to more than 4 decades. Her performances have Indian influences too.


Bangalore-based Jazz singer Radha Thomas is known for her performances in India and abroad. Indian Jazz music circuit has witnessed so many female singers and Radha Thomas is one among those leading vocalists. Radha has been synonymous with the jazz music scene in India. She has been performing since the 1970s, and is one of veteran artists in Indian Jazz music scene. During her initial days in the year 1976, she was selected to represent India at a jazz vocalist festival in Warsaw, Poland. Human Bondage was the first band with which she was associated with.


Later she moved to New York, where she lived for twenty years. While she was at US, she performed at Sweet Basil Jazz Club and The Bottom Line, and has shared stage space with some of the great artists of 1980s and later. She returned to India in 1993 and since then she is associated with jazz music circuit of Bangalore. She formed her own band - UNK: the Radha Thomas Ensemble in 2009. Her band performs in Jazz, blues, pop and Indian classical music genres of music. In classical music, she is a student of Kumar Gandharva and Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar.

Published: February 18, 2019

Updated: February 18, 2019


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