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Yusmarg Travel Guide

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    Clouds and Mountains



Yusmarg Travel Guide

The destination of Yusmarg is in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. This is a part of the beautiful landscapes and green environs that the region is well known for. The exact location of this beautiful meadow region is to the southwest of Srinagar. It is surrounded by snow capped mountains and dotted with beautiful expanses of light wooded regions of trees that add to the lush green beauty of the place.

There are several mountain peaks that are seen in close proximity to Yusmarg that also makes it the destination for short excursions and trekking trips from other places of the state.  It is also perfect for a picnic place from Srinagar if you are on a holiday or even a resident of the place. The peaks of Tatta Kutti and Sang Safed are in close distance and often approached by trekkers. There is also the picturesque lake of Nil Nag that is here which not only adds to the natural beauty but provides more exploration for your day trips. You can also enjoy the sight of the waters of Dudh Ganga that flows through the place.

Being located at a close distance from Srinagar that takes a time of 2 hours to drive to Yusmarg also makes the place popular. For tourists and residents alike this is a place that allows perfect means of relaxation and stress free relief in the green fields and beautiful flowers. There is also the shrine of Charar e Sharief which is a place of worship and destination for pilgrims of Islamic faith. This is the shrine of the saint Sheikh Nooruddin.

You may make daylong trips but there are places to stay on for a couple of days if you like. There are beautiful tents and cottages that are made available. These are run and maintained by the tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir. You will have to make prior arrangements for booking and reservations as there is usually plenty of rush in the peak seasons.

Yusmarg is also a place that’s renowned for some of the beautiful flowers in the region. There are many varieties of colorful and appealing flowers that will mesmerize your senses here. This is also a place that is largely used by trekkers and excursionists when they are on their way to the neighboring peaks and mountains. There are several points that are alluring destinations with their heightened natural wonders and beauty.

One of the main aspects of Yusmarg is that it is a natural setting that’s aplenty with unspoiled beauty of nature. There is nothing here that will stand between you and Mother Nature and will truly leave you spellbound. People come here tired and restless and when they leave it is with a feeling of refreshed and rejuvenated souls. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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