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Tirupur Travel Guide

    Tirupur Kumaran Memorial

    Tirupur Kumaran Memorial



Tirupur Travel Guide

Tirupur may not be as developed as Chennai but still it is a town full of hustle and bustle. Situated in proximity to Coimbatore, this town has its own share of tourists who come here without fail to have a look at some of the attractions in and around the town. With textile as its staple business, the place is rightly called as the Textile Town. As it name goes, this place churns out a sea of fashionable dresses to all the places in Tamil Nadu. Knowing this, many tourists flock to Tirupur so they can pick up some collections from their favourite brands such as Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger, Fila, Diesel, Pitstop and a few noticeable Indian clothing wear as well. Don’t be surprised looking at the long list mentioned above. This is deemed as the manufacturing capital of clothing, suiting, casual wear and sportswear companies.

If you gradually move into the outer regions of Tirupur from the center of the town you can find a nature at its best. This pleasing sight of nature remains the same wherever you go- a green blanket of lush green surroundings that touches and adds a stroke of beauty to the surrounding hills. There is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to calm yourself in such a lovely environment that is very suitable for unwinding your mind and relaxing your body.

Noyyal River flows into the heart of Tirupur, thereby creating a divide which splits the geographical area into two halves- the north and the south. You can go to the river bed and have a stroll alongside the bay area. It certainly would be a peaceful experience and you’d find yourself relate more to nature when you hear the sounds of the river as it takes its turns and sprawls into its stream. If you don’t find yourself as a nature’s man you can do some sightseeing inside the town itself. The memorial raised in the honour of the famous freedom fighter Tirupur Kumaran is very much in the accessible distance from wherever you are put up in the town. Some of the other places where tourists are accompanied by the tour guides are the corporation memorial pillar which has a glove on its top and the town hall.

When you go to tirupur, you can visit a few pilgrimage spots should you be more interested in temples. The tirupur tirupathi temple, the Avinashiappar temple and the famous sukreeswara temple have always been evergreen in pulling a lot of worshippers who land at this part of Tamil Nadu. The history of the temple is worth delving into since some of them date back to the 10th century.

Moving around the streets of tirupur is some fun since you’d see a town busy with its commercial activity during the day which slowly recedes and dies down as the night arrives. It’s going to be an enchanting experience that you would love to etch in your memory plates when you roam around this shopper’s paradise of Tamil Nadu.

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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