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Tirunelveli Travel Guide


Tirunelveli Travel Guide

Tirunelveli Travel Guide

Tirunelveli is located in the district of the same name in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This is one of the largest cities in the state and is one of the most ancient cities as well. There are temples galore that are seen in this city and its heritage dates back to 1000 BC. It has a beautiful natural background of rivers and lakes that adds to its serene beauty even in the midst of a modern and cosmopolitan city life.

You can take a trip to the beautiful Kanthimathi Nellaiyappar temple that is here. There is a twin temple that is situated in the heart of the city. The deities of these temples are Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. There is an intrinsic magnificence that emanates from the architecture of the temples. And this aspect is further embellished with elaborate grandeur of decorations and sculptures. You will also be welcomed to a lavish garden that is full of flowers and fountains.

There is the temple of Srivaikuntam. This is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. One of the most beautiful aspects of this temple is the elaborate and illustrations of its engravings and intricate sculptures. There are amazing styles and depictions that have been put to use here in a truly remarkable class of art.

You may also like to visit the Kalakkaddu Sanctuary that is located at a distance of 47 kilometers away from the Tirunelveli city. There is a wide variety of animals like tigers, elephants, bears, languars, panthers and sambars among several others. There is also an equal variety of birds that you will see here along wish reptiles and fishes too. There are regular trips that can be undertaken and even excursions through the place. However for all of these you will have to take prior permission from the authorities.

The nearest airport to the city of Tirunelveli is that of Madurai. This airport is well connected with regular scheduled flights to all parts of the country. The city of Tirunelveli has its own railway station. It is an important junction in Tamil Nadu and thus has different trains covering and is accessible from various parts of the country. The city has a vast network of roads that connects it to different parts of the state as well as with other cities in the neighboring states. And with that there is also a well developed road transport system of buses that you can avail.

Tirunelveli is a modern city and based in urban styles. There is a presence of various hotel accommodations here that give you plenty of choices. You can choose from among top luxury hotels here as well as budget ranged hotels that also provide impeccable services. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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