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Patna Travel Guide

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Patna Travel Guide

The capital of the Indian state of Bihar the city of Patna is also known for its historical background and heritage. It is one of the cities of the world that has a continued past since the days of ancient kingdoms when it was the famous city of Pataliputra and a seat of important political, cultural and educational exchanges. The city of Pataliputra also served to be the capital of kingdoms like Magadha, Mauryan dynasty and the Gupta dynasty among several others.

The present day capital city of Patna is a confluence of many cultures and traditions all of which have their deeply embedded values and traditions is steady continuity even through the modern times. The city is geographically flanked by many rivers like the Ganges and smaller ones like the Sone, Gandak and Punpun. Besides being fertile and abundant in natural resources this is also rated as a city that has maximum economic and business potential.

But there is more to the city than business and commerce. It receives several thousands of tourists and visitors every year to see the different places that are in it. One of the main attractions of the city is the Patna Museum. There are several thousands of unique and famous artifacts collectibles here that are exhibited here and daily visited by thousands of people. One of the famous exhibits here is a 16 feet fossilized tree that is also one of the oldest in the world.

There is a 29 feet construction that is seen close to the museum and is called the Golghar. It was built after a terrible famine that had struck in 1786. In close proximity at the eastern end of the city of Patna is the Har Mandir that was built in the Chowk area of old Patna. This is one of the holy shrines of the Sikhs as it marks the place of birth of the famous 10th Sikh guru Gobind Singh. He is also the last of the Sikh gurus.

If you travel to Kumhrar which is in close proximity there are the remains of the old city of Pataliputra to be seen. There are remains of an ancient Buddhist monastery along with several pillars of the capital of Mauryan emperors like Ajatashatru and Ashoka. These have been unearthed as part of archaeological excavations.

As part of your travel plans to the city of Patna you will also be able to experience a rich diversity in festivals and traditions. There is a wide range of delectable cuisine that awaits you here. There is no dearth of accommodation options here that fits your budget. There are luxury and budget hotels in large numbers. Being an important center of transit there are plenty of transport options available as well.


Patna Important Websites


Official Website of Patna


Patna Wiki


Patna State Tourism Development Corporation


Patna Police



Patna Emergency Numbers


Railway Reservation Enquiry

+91 61222 22197

Bihar State Tourism Dev. Corp

+91 61222 22622

Bihar Tourism Office

+91 61222 25295

Passport Office

+91 61222 27972

Patna City Hospital

+91 61226 41817

Bharat Blood Bank

+91 61226 71113

Last Updated: 26/08/2012

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