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Nahan Travel Guide


Nahan Travel Guide

The town of Nahan is in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and is also an important center of the district of Sirmaur. The town overlooks the beautiful landscapes of the state that is synonymous with natural beauty. The hub of the place was first established in 1621 by Raja Karan Prakash that has not only grown as an administrative center of the district but also as a popular destination for tourists and visitors.

Its prime location atop the Shiwalik Mountains allows Nahan to have the access of breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. One of the main aspects of the place is its long walks that people seem to enjoy amidst the beauty of incredible natural beauty. There are several temples that are located in Nahan that are popular among the people.

Among the popularly visited temples there are Kalisthan temple, Jagannath temple, Rani Tal Shiv temple, Shri Krishna temple and Lakshmi Narayan temple among many others. These are popular places of worship for both the local people as well as those who visit Nahan. Additionally these are also embodiments of art and sculptures that are exemplary forms of art. There is a rare intricacy of art and designs that’s seen in almost every temple of the region that leave an impression of awe and appreciation in the eyes of those that see them.

There are several places that are in close proximity to Nahan and form popular destinations of travel and excursions. There are several trekking trips and hiking that are conducted from here and even carried out by individual groups. You can visit Dhaula Kuan, Giri Nagar, Suketi Fossil Park and Ambala among several others.

Nahan is also a destination of festivals. Among these Bawan Dwadshi and Gugga Peer fair are the most popular. While Bawan Dwadshi is held at the end of the monsoon season every year the Gugga Peer fair is a celebration in honor of an ancient hero of the region by the name of Gogaji.

Nahan is easily accessible by airways, roads and railways. The nearest airport is at Chandigarh and there are other options at Dehradun and Shimla.  The nearest railway station is at Barara, Chandigarh, Ambala and Kalka. There is also a wide network of roadways that connects Nahan with different parts of the state and neighboring regions. You will be able to access deluxe and luxury bus services to Nahan from other parts of the country.

There is also several accommodation arrangements available at Nahan. The regular arrivals of tourists and foreigners to these regions has also brought forward private and governmental development. There are several hotels and guest houses that have been built here as a means of accessible accommodation facilities for visitors and with high standards of hospitality. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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