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Mudumalai Travel Guide

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Mudumalai Travel Guide

The city of Mudumalai is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu amidst the Niligiri Hills. This is also a location that provides a very good view of the surrounding landscape and the exotic natural environs of the region. There is another reason that is behind the popularity of Mudumalai among tourists and visitors to it. It is the presence of the National Park. This is a natural reserve for wildlife which makes it possible to see the animals from a very close range even in their natural settings.

You will get to see some of the best glimpses of the Bengal tiger and herds of elephants. Then there are leopards and panthers; you can also see the chital and the gaur both of which are on the borderline of extinction. Many of the animals that have been given a new natural home here are facing difficulty to survive and are also on the path to extinction. They are not only safe here at this National Park but efforts are also being made to revive their numbers.

There is also a wide variety of birds that you will come across at this National Park many of which are also facing extinction. The vast natural reserves of the foliage provide a natural protection as well as plenty of space to breed as well. You can get an up close and personal look at these animals at the Park with jungle safari rides and tours. There are protected jeeps that are available for taking a tour or you can also try the option of riding an elephant safari.

Trekking is another activity that can be undertaken at Mudumalai. There are plenty of destinations and trails that are available for choices of long distance or even short distance treks. You can even choose amongst treks on flat land or in the mountains. These are conducted by professionals and will be also subject to fulfillment of certain conditions. There are camping activities and tree houses where you can spend the night. It can make for some exciting experiences and another way of watching birds and other animals in their natural habitat.

You can also visit the Theppakadu Elephant Camp. It would be a unique experience to see a couple of these huge animals performing puja everyday. This is where herds of elephants are trained in various ways.

There are several ways of reaching Mudumalai. You can fly to the place with regular scheduled flights from the nearest airport at Coimbatore. The closest railway station is at Udagamandalam. There is a regular network of buses and taxis that ply from the airport and the railway station to Mudumalai.

There are luxury hotels and budget accommodations that are available at Mudumalai owing to the fact that it’s an extremely popular destination. However it would be advisable to make prior bookings. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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