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Mandvi Travel Guide

    Vijay Vilas Palace

    Vijay Vilas Palace



Mandvi Travel Guide

The city of Mandvi is located in the Kutch district of the Indian state of Gujarat. It was an important port in the days of royalty when a substantial foreign trade was undertaken through the city. The place is still bound with plenty of natural beauty and picturesque locales that is available for you to see when you visit. This is also the place where you will get to enjoy large stretches of the beach along the coast of the Arabian Sea. The city is also flanked by the presence of the Rukmati River on one side.

There is plenty of places that you can visit both within and around the city of Mandvi. Take a trip to the beautiful Vijay Vilas Palace. This is a palace that belonged to the Maharaja Vijay Singhji who ruled here in the 1940s. The beautiful architecture of the palace is appropriately coordinated and complemented with gardens and lush green lawns coupled with lakes and fountains. The most interesting part of the palace is that it has a private access to a part of the Mandvi beach and here you can avail air-conditioned tents for accommodations. These are however available on special permission and availability. But if you are fond of the beach this can be a unique experience.

This is also a hub of local artisans and craftsmen. There is a wide range of handicrafts, pottery, weaves and embroidery that will be seen here. You will be amazed to see the vivid hues of bandhni, patchwork, and embroidery, block printing that is available here. There are other items like pottery, metal work, jewelry making and designing, stone and wooden handicrafts that are also available. There are hand-woven fabrics that are available and are also made into shawls and rugs.

If you love nature then a trip to Paragsar is compulsory. This is where you will find a natural reserve for birds of different kinds. There are wide varieties that are from the region as well as those that are migratory and fly only in seasons. Here you can also see fresh water turtles and crocodiles that are present in the lakes.

A trip to Banni which is in close proximity to Mandvi will enable you to see other migratory birds that always make a stopover here. It’s a beautiful sight of a variety of feathered species.

One of the long standing attractions of Mandvi has been its history of shipbuilding. And that goes back for a time of 400 years through which the carpenters of the place have been ships and boats of different sizes to take on the waves. They have been big and strong enough to travel to England and back. The tradition continues even today with fishing boats of different capacities. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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