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Climate in Mandi


Climate in Mandi

Mandi has a subtropical highland climate with hot summers and cold winters. At the end of summer season it starts getting rainfall. The place has web sub temperate climate at lower altitudes and dry old alpine climate with snowfall at higher elevation.


Mandi Seasons







Apr to Jun

18 deg C to 39 deg C

Pleasant and cool suited for tourism


Nov to Feb

7 deg C to 26 deg C

Severe cold with heavy snowfalls


Jul to Sep

23 deg C to 34 deg C

Gets average amount of rainfall


Best Time To Visit Mandi – March to June, September and October



Mandi Climate in Summer Season


During summer months Mandi has a warm and pleasant climate. The summer season starts in late March and ends in June with the onset of monsoon. The climate ranges between 18 degree Celsius and 39 degree Celsius. This is the time suitable for tourist activities. The foreigners visit Mandi during this time while the local people from plains like to come here during the snowy months.



Mandi Climate in Winter Season


In winter season, the temperature in Mandi touches freezing point. Especially the nights are bone chillingly cold and woolen blankets are required. Though the winter lasts for four months from November to February, January is the coldest month. There is some precipitation during these winter months and sometimes heavy snowfall occurs.


Mandi Climate in Monsoon Season


The monsoon season starts in July and lasts till September. The average annual rainfall in Mandi is 1104 mm. But the rainfall in Mandi is lesser than most other hill stations though it is more than on the plains. At the end of monsoon, the second season starts and tourist activities restart during these times.


Last Updated: 01/09/2012

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