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Cuttack Travel Guide

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Cuttack Travel Guide

Once, the capital of Orissa, Cuttack is one of the oldest towns of the state lying at a distance of 30 km from the city of Bhubaneswar. It is popularly known as the commercial capital of Orissa though the spirit of holiness still pervades the whole atmosphere of the place. With a magnificent history at bay the place comes before you adorned in some awe inspiring forts and temples. The Mahanadi River and the Kathajodi River hems the periphery adding to the beauty of the place. Its history is associated with the Keshari Kings, Mughals, Afghans and the Marathas finally reaching in the hands of the British. The city was first founded by King Nripati Keshari way back in the 10th century. Under the dominance of the British it gained the reputation of being the capital of Orissa till the time of India’s Independence. It will forever be remembered as the birth place of the great and eminent Indian leader Subash Chandra Bose.

A number of tourist places of attraction lie in its vicinity alluring the tourist with its vastness, history and culture.  Some of the prominent amongst them are: Barabati Fort, Quadam-I- Rasool Cuttack, Stone Revetments, Chandi Temple, Dhavaleshwar, Sri Radhagobinba Jew Temple etc. The holy places at Cuttack is what draws the largest number of tourist from India and abroad.

The bank of the river Mahanadi houses the Stone Revetment an artistic work to be marvelled at. It will take you to the architectural grandeur of the 11th century and you cannot help but admire the splendid artistic works done at the time of the Keshari Kings. This place should not be missed at any cost. Another not to be missed tourist spot in Cuttack is the Barabati Fort that has the Mahanadi River as its backdrop. Again you will be taken back to the architectural glory of the 11th century as the fort was constructed way back then. It was however, rebuilt in the 14th century housing today a stadium and a temple dedicated to the Goddess Katak Chandi. Significant and visited by both the Hindus and Muslims alike, the Quadam-I-Rasool Mosque is another place worth a stopover. The mosque was constructed by a Hindu ruler for the Muslims in the 18th century. One of the three mosques in the interior is said to contain a stone which has the footprints of Prophet Muhammad on it. 

The place has so much to offer that you will surely be engrossed. While planning a trip to Orissa do not forget to include Cuttack at your list of travel itinerary. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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