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Chidambaram Travel Guide

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    Nataraja Temple



Chidambaram Travel Guide

The serene locale of the town of Chidambaram is in the district of Cuddalore district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is in close proximity to the coast and is known as the valley of the Kollidam River. There is a peaceful serenity in the ambience of this small town that’s well known for its magnificent temples and indigenous art and craft.

You will be able to easily access the place through all modes of transport. There are regular flights that are operational from the two airports that are close by – the Chennai airport and the Tiruchirapalli airport. There are regular trains that ply from Chidambaram to several places of the state like Tiruchirapalli, Chennai and Madurai apart from Bangalore and Tirupati.

There is also a frequent and well developed bus service that is available for travel by roads. You will not only be able to avail these from other parts of the state but also from neighboring states as well.

Among the places that will be of great interest to tourists there is some of the magnificence of temples that you need to see. Take a trip of the Chidambaram Temple that is also known as the Nataraja Temple. This is dedicated to Lord Shiva and to one of his dance postures that is the famous. The temple premise here covers a land of 40 acres and is resplendent with gold plates that are placed on the roofs.

You can also visit the Kalahasti Temples that are at Kanchipuram. One of the unique and wondrous aspects of these temples is that they are all structured at the straight line of 79’45” east longitude – it is a unique symbol of architectural feat both geographically and in engineering.

Chidambaram is also a place from where you can take several small excursions to neighboring places. Among these there is the beautiful place called Pichavaram. This is a place of scenic beauty with some of the best views of the landscapes. Then there is also the industrial hub at Neyveli. You can visit the heights of the Kalvarayan Hills. Here you have some of the best natural waterfalls in the region and a botanical garden. It is also popular for trekking and camping.

There are times of the year during the months of December and January when you can be a part of the ten day temple festivities. There are splendid processions that are taken out with elephants. It will be an amazing experience to see the lavish decorations and grandeur of the elephants at this time.

At Chidambaram there is a wide range of hotels that are available. You can take a pick depending on your budget. But on a general note no matter the budget you will not only get your money’s worth there are high standards of service and hygiene maintained by all. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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