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Amritsar Travel Guide


Amritsar Travel Guide

The city of Amritsar is located in the Indian state of Punjab and is also one of the most celebrated ones in the country. This is the place of the famous Golden Temple in India which forms the genesis of Sikhism and the foundation of the Sikh religion. The premises are however one of the most visited ones in the city and is open for all its visitors. The beautiful temple is flanked by the resplendent Amrit Sarovar Lake. There are several places of worship within the complex of the Golden Temple and echoes with the sound of prayers and songs of worship.


Close to the Golden Temple there is the Durgiana Mandir which is dedicated to Goddess Durga. This beautiful 16th century temple is designed in the midst of a lake and is one of the most beautiful forms of architecture.


You can visit Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum at Amritsar city. This served to be the summer palace of the kind that has now been made into a museum. There are some of the most beautiful paintings, artifacts and antique items on display here.


Amritsar has been a witness to several historic events and happenings that took place on its soil. Among them some were happy while others were not. One such moment of immense sorrow was the large scale massacre of human life that has taken place at Jallianwalabagh. The place still stands there as people visit it to pay their respects to those who sacrificed their life in the name of the country.


You can also visit Rambagh Gardens which will make for a pleasant trip to a wonderful garden of flowers and landscaped greenery. There is enough care and maintenance in the garden that will liven up your spirits at any point of time.


For all those who visit Amritsar there is plenty of excitement to take a trip to the Wagah border zone where India shares the border with Pakistan. There is a daily ritual of the hoisting of the flag and the closure of the gates that is carried out here which spurs interest and excitement amongst the thousands that visit to watch.


There is an easy access route to Amritsar. You can avail various domestic flights from the city’s Raja Sansi International Airport. There is a regular schedule of flights that are operational from here to different parts of the country. You can take a train from here at the Amritsar railway station. There are trains that are scheduled from here to travel to various parts of the country. There is also a bus service that is available in this city that takes you not only to various parts of the state but also as far as Delhi.

Last Updated: 04/09/2012

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